The Culture of the Teutons

Vilhelm Gronbech

Written by Vilhelm Gronbech, the Professor of the History of Religion at the University of Copenhagen, this three volume set was first published in Danish in 1909-1912. This PDF file is from an English translation published in 1931, and it contains Volume 1 of 3 which covers Frith, Honour, the Soul of the Clan, Luck, the Art of Life, Birth, Death, Immortality, and other topics. The PDF also contains Volume 2 of 3 which covers Treasures, the Sword of Victory, Name and Inheritance, Exchange of Gifts, Purchase and Pledge, Holiness, Temple, the Ale-Bowl, and other Germanic topics. Volume 3 is not avaible as a PDF file. Volume 3 featured a Bibliography as well as Additional Notes on: Urgard; Natures; Vadium; Handfesta; The Right of the Heirs; etc. It was 141 pages long, and a third the size of each of the first two volumes.

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